Mini Lifting Hydraulic Heavy Crane

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1. The driver of the lifting equipment must undergo professional safety training and, after being appraised and approved by the relevant departments, issue a combined certificate to operate separately. Unlicensed personnel are strictly prohibited from using lifting equipment.

2. Before operation, it is necessary to check whether the operating devices are normal, whether the wire ropes meet the safety regulations, whether the brakes, hydraulic devices and safety devices are complete and sensitive. It is strictly forbidden to operate the machine with disease.

3. The elevation angle of the boom should not be less than 30°, and the crane should avoid lifting the boom as much as possible under load. It is strictly forbidden to change the joystick before the boom is lifted and lowered. [3]

4. The driver and the hoist must cooperate closely and follow the command of the commander. Before the operation, the horn must be honked. If the commander's gesture is unclear or wrong, the driver has the right to refuse to perform. During the work, the driver must immediately stop the emergency stop signal issued by any person, and continue to work after the unsafe factor is eliminated.

5. All traffic management rules and rules must be observed. It is strictly forbidden to drive after drinking. Smoking, eating and chatting are not allowed while driving.

6. When lifting heavy objects, the heavy objects should be lifted about 10 cm from the ground to check whether the stability of the crane and the brakes are flexible and effective. Continue to work under normal conditions.