Axial Hydraulic Motor

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Product description:

Piston motor is a type of hydraulic motor. Its working principle is: the working medium acting on the piston or plunger, on the face of the piston or plunger do straight line reciprocating movement, again through the motion transformation institutions, the piston or plunger reciprocating motion into circular motion of the output shaft.

Product feature

1, light weight, small volume. 
2 high output power. 
3 the advantages of reliable operation, long service life* the motor structure is compact, easy to install.

Product details

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 Product qualification

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Delivery, shipping, service.

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Product application

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Has been used in mining engineering, lifting and transport, metallurgy, shipbuilding, machine tools, plastics processing, geological exploration and other fields. Mainly used in the crawler, rail-wheel drive, a variety of Rotary, exploration rigs, winch upgrade, leather gear drive transmission, material mixing, road cutting, ship propulsion, plastic injection and other parts.


Q:What Is Our Main Application?
A:1.Hydraulic system
   2.Agriculture machine
   3.Construction machine
   5.Local distributors
Q:What Is The Payment Terms?
A:Full order:30% as deposit, the balance before shipment:
   Small order /sample order: full payment in advance:
Q:Can I Mark My Own Brand On The Pump?

A:Yes. Full order can mark your brand and code