Hydraulic Winch Motor

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Product Details

Hydraulic winch motor

Product description:

BM series High Torque hydraulic motor adapt the advanced gear set design with shaft distribution flow,which can automatically compensate in operating with high pressure,provide reliable and smooth operation, high efficiency and long life.

1. Characteristic features of OMR hydraulic motor

*Advanced manufacturing devices for the  gear set, which use low pressure of start-up,聽provide smooth,reliable operation and high efficiency.

*Shaft seal can bear high pressure of back and the motor can be used in parallel or in series.

*Special design in the driver-linker and prolong operating life.

*Special design for distribution system can meet the requirement of low noise of unit.

*Compact volume and easy installation.

Product parameter 

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Note: 1. Continuous data: the max. value of operating motor continuously.

         2. Intermittent dada: the max. value of operating motor in 6 secends per minute.

         3. A simultaneous max. RPM and max. pressure is not recommended.

         4. Optimum operating situation should be at the 1/3-2/3 of the continuous operating situation. 

Product application

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Widely used in hydraulic winches, Injection molding machinery, ships, lifting machines, construction machinery, construction machinery, coal mining machinery, mining machinery, metallurgical machinery, ship machinery, petrochemical industry, port machinery and so on

4 product details of hydraulic winch

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hydraulic winch motor1471.png 

5 product qualification of hydraulic winch

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6 Delivery,shipping,service.

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4. After expiration, our company can provides cost spare-parts maintenance for engines.

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