Radial Piston Hydraulic Motor

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Product Details

Hydraulic winch motor

Product description:
1.Low noise due to an eccentric crankshaft and low vibration frequency five-piston design.

2.High starting torque, good stability under very low speed.

3.Using patented flat competition distributors, reliable and less leakage. Special seals between piston and cylinder are used to ensure

4.higher volume efficiency.

5.High mechanical efficiency for using roller bearings between crankshaft and connecting rod.

6.Reversible rotation, the output shaft can bear a relatively heavy radial and axial external force

1. Characteristic features of OMR hydraulic motor

*Advanced manufacturing devices for the  gear set, which use low pressure of start-up,provide smooth,reliable operation and high efficiency.

*Shaft seal can bear high pressure of back and the motor can be used in parallel or in series.

*Special design in the driver-linker and prolong operating life.

*Special design for distribution system can meet the requirement of low noise of unit.

*Compact volume and easy installation.

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Working principle

High pressure oil comes into the cylinder,working on the piston,pushing the piston down,the piston is connected to the crankshaft,then the crankshaft will turn,Together with oil distributor .when piston walks to its lowest position,the cylinder will gear through  with the oil tank,then the piston goes back.

Total 5 pistons Work one by one,the crankshaft will turn continually.when the working oil flows oppositely,the shaft will turn in another direction.

Product application

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5 radial piston hydraulic motor can be widely applied in petroleum industry,chemicalindustry,mining,shioing,constructing machinery,especially for plastic injection molding machinery,hydraulic winch,transmission etc. 

4 product details

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5 product qualification of hydraulic winch

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6 Delivery,shipping,service.

radial  piston hydraulic motor (1)1883.png radial  piston hydraulic motor (1)1884.pngradial  piston hydraulic motor (1)1885.png 

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