Excavator basic knowledge

Excavator basic knowledge

1. Excavator is a large investment in fixed assets, to increase its useful life to obtain greater economic benefits, equipment must be set, set machine, set positions, clear responsibilities. Must be transferred to post, the equipment should be submitted [4].

2. After the excavator enters the construction site, the driver should first observe the geological conditions of the working face and the surrounding environment, and there must be no obstacles within the radius of rotation of the excavator, so as to avoid scratching or damaging the vehicle.

3. After the machine is started, it is forbidden for any person to stand on the bucket, shovel arm and track to ensure safety in production.

4. Excavators in the work, prohibit any personnel within the radius of gyration or bucket work stay or walk, non-drivers should not enter the cab mess, may not bring the pilot training to avoid damage to electrical equipment.

5. Excavators in the shift, the driver should first observe and whistle, after the shift, to avoid any safety accidents caused by machinery, after the shift position to ensure that excavator radius of rotation without any obstacles, is strictly prohibited illegal operation.

6. After the work is completed, the excavator should be moved away from the low-lying area or the edge of the trenches (ditches), parked on the ground, the doors and windows closed and locked.

7. The driver must do routine maintenance, overhaul and maintenance work of the equipment, make daily records of the equipment in use, find vehicles have problems, can not take sick work, and timely report and repair.

8. Cab must be clean and tidy, keep the body surface clean, dust-free, oil-free; the habit of cleaning the car after work.

9. The driver should do a good job of recording the Japanese-Chinese classes in time and make statistics on the contents of the work on that day, and do a good job of completing the formalities in time for the non-performing or non-performing items outside the project and make records to prepare for the checkout.

10. During the work, drivers are strictly prohibited at noon to drink and drunk driving, if found to give economic penalties, the economic losses caused by myself.

11. Car damage caused by man-made, to analyze the causes, find problems, distinguish responsibilities, according to the severity of economic penalties.

12. It is necessary to establish a high sense of responsibility and ensure safety in production. We should conscientiously do a good job in communication and service with Construction Bureau, do a good job in bilateral relations and establish a good working style so that we will make every effort to work hard for the development and effectiveness of the enterprise.

13. Excavator operation is a special operation, need special operating permit to drive excavator operations.

14. Do maintenance is must follow the maintenance taboo.