Routine maintenance precautions

Routine maintenance precautions

Daily inspection work is to ensure that the hydraulic excavator to maintain long-term efficient operation of an important part, especially for self-employed, doing a day-to-day routine inspection can effectively reduce maintenance costs.

First check the appearance of the machine around the two laps and the presence or absence of abnormal mechanical chassis, and whether there is slewing ring out of oil, and then check the deceleration brake and track bolt fasteners, the tighten the screw, the change of timely replacement, if Wheeled excavators need to check whether the tire is abnormal, as well as the stability of the pressure.

Check the excavator bucket teeth for greater wear and tear, it is understood that the tooth wear will greatly increase the resistance of the construction process, will seriously affect the work efficiency and increase the wear degree of equipment parts.

Check sticks and cylinders for cracks or oil leaks. Check the battery electrolyte to avoid being below the low level.

Air filter is to prevent a large amount of dusty air into the excavator is an important component, should always check the cleaning.

Always check the fuel, lubricating oil, hydraulic oil, coolant, etc., need to add, and the best in accordance with the instructions of the choice of oil, and keep clean.