How To Choose A Crane Winch

Today , we will introduce how to choose a crane winch.

Most of crane winch is hydraulic winch, when we choose a hydraulic winch, we often choose it according to the line pull, for exzample , 25 ton crane ,it mean the crane can hoist 25 ton, So you need a 25 ton hydraulic winch?  it is not exact correct.

Before introduce the winch, we can learn about multi-part line pull.

 "Multi part" means using a pulley system.  As an example if you 2 part the line then you will double the winch line pull and 1/2 the winches line speed (This calculation is in general terms and does not include friction and other inefficiencies).  A 2 part line runs from the winch drum, thru a pulley at the load and then back to the winch (or near the winch) and secured.  The more pulley used the greater the line pull of the winch but the slower it will operate. For example, if you 2 part the line, you want to lift 20 ton, you just need to choose 10 ton hydraulic winch, because you have double the winch line pull.

OK, Maybe you don't understand what I am saying, just show the picture.

mobile crane

This is 25 ton crane, the main winch can hoist 25 ton,since the crane use the 3 -part pulley, so the winch you really need is 25รท3=8.33 ton. You can choose 9 ton winch. I mean single line pull is 9 ton winch.