Winch Maintenance

Winch maintenance

Winch often used under harsh conditions. Therefore, the daily use will seriously affect their life. We must not ignore routine maintenance.

1, easy to water inside the winch, you need to disassemble and maintain (recommended 1 year / 1), replace the butter and check the gear.

2, if there is dead-end cable, broken wire and other conditions need to be replaced in time.

3, check the clutch for skidding.

4, try to avoid excessive wading.

5, winch relay often need to check whether the normal, electric shock without burning situation, and then take the winch ground. Reduce uninterrupted operation of the winch for long periods of time to avoid overheating of the relay.

Another example, if finished, noose must be loosen it, and re-wrapped well, then close up. If the winch and cable are dirty, be sure to thoroughly clean. Commonly used lubricant, helps to prevent rust, otherwise it will reduce its service life. If you use the winch for a long time, it will bring extra load to the battery. Therefore, the battery should always be checked and maintained.