Winch Note

Winch Note:

1, it is best to ensure that the towing vehicle and the towed vehicle are in a straight line. The angle towing will offset the towing force one by one, and the towing cable will wind at one end. If you can not adjust the angle you can use the directional pulley.

2, When using winches to tow heavy objects or vehicles, always pay attention to the voltage of the battery. If the voltage of the battery is too low, stop the operation immediately and increase the voltage of the battery by forcing the generator to charge by increasing the engine speed. Because the winch motor power is fixed, the lower the voltage, the breakdown of the battery and control the larger the current relay, the use of low-voltage maneuvering easier and faster to reduce the battery and the control box relay life. When the voltage is low, the rope speed will also slow down.

3, in the drag difficult to drag heavy objects or vehicles, you can use the pulley to form a loop to increase traction.

4, in the drag process should be a reasonable way to fixed traction points, such as tire drilling, fixed body, skilled use of trees and land spears and other tools 5, to ensure the reliability of the clutch switch to avoid the danger in the rescue.

6, the operation of the winch cable need to wear gloves, and placed on the cable and other items placed winch cable rupture after a destructive rebound.

7, if the time is tight can not guarantee the neat rope, also need to reopen the rope under conditions permitting, the rope neatly rewound on the reel. Avoid rope rope long messy winding.

8, in the towing of objects, if you need to relax the cable, you should be careful to use the loose rope button, easy to cause the cable tie in the reel, winding. Can be used with the clutch as much as possible after the cable strangulation before use.

9, the team travel, off-road, adventure is best equipped with two winches to correspond to take off or dangerous situations.

10, the winch and the car body should be the most solid and reliable connection to avoid drag and separation caused by the body or other dangerous.

11, but also a spare battery, that thing is electric tiger, winch can quickly consume the power of the battery, dual battery is necessary, and the second battery can engage in larger.