0.8 Ton Hydraulic Winch

0.8 Ton Hydraulic Winch
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0.8 Ton Hydraulic Winch consists of a track motor, a planetary gear reducer, and a brake. It adopts a threaded steel frame structure and is equipped with a safety control system such as a shuttle valve and a balancing valve. Its compact structure and small footprint make it suitable for cranes and traction equipment such as ships and docks.


Wire rope layern1234Lifting pressure16 Mpa
Line pullkgf11001000950900Max.pimp flow50L/min
Rope speed with 80L/minm/min27293232Motor displacement160cc/r
Rope capacitym11233535Ratio1:5.8
A is for liftingM18*1.5P is for controllingM10*1Rope diameter8mm
B is for fallingD is for lubricatingWeight47.5kg


1. Rotate clockwise (can be customized according to customer requirements). For safety reasons, keep at least 5-6 ropes on the reel.

2. The winch brake adopts multi-plate disc brake, the static braking torque is wei 580N.m, and the maximum return pressure should be less than 5 bar.

3.0.8 Ton Hydraulic Winch adopts planetary gear reducer, which runs smoothly and has reasonable structure. The internal lubricating oil is greased.

4. Use a 8.8 bolt (greater than M12) to secure the winch.