1.5 Ton Small Hydraulic Winch

1.5 Ton Small Hydraulic Winch
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YS1.5 (1.5 ton hydraulic winch)

Everyone should know that winches can be divided into three categories: manual, electric and hydraulic according to power, and the principle of hydraulic transmission is to use oil as a medium. How can the service life of a hydraulic winch be extended during normal operation? Then let me explain to you in detail.

First, the operating personnel must be trained before taking up the job to avoid the occurrence of accidents, and it is also dangerous, so training is particularly important.

Second, when using hydraulic winches, always check the lubricating oil and grease, not less than the specified amount, because the winch is used for a long time, it will wear out, so it needs to be lubricated

   Hydraulic winch is a tool for lifting heavy objects or applying huge force through the principle of mechanical force such as transmission force and slide rails. Now in use, people have abandoned the outdated manual winch and used extremely Advanced hydraulic winch to work.

   The characteristic of this hydraulic winch is that it uses a hydraulic working principle. Through this method, a strong winch amplitude can be reached in a short period of time, so that the performance of the entire machine can be fully exerted in a short time Come out, fully reflects the power of hydraulic power.

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