2 Ton Hydraulic Winch

2 Ton Hydraulic Winch
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YS2.0 (two ton hydraulic winch)

The rated load of the hydraulic winch is relatively large, and it is used more in places where the work is heavy or the required traction is large. If you want to use the hydraulic drive winch better, you must do the usual inspection work.

    1. When using a hydraulic winch, pay attention to frequently check whether the bolts, pins and other connecting parts are loose, especially the bearing bolts. If they are loose, they must be tightened in time.

    2. Regularly check the reduction gearbox of the hydraulic drive winch to see whether the gears are meshed, whether there is movement, whether the teeth are seriously worn, and whether there are cracks.

    3. Focus on checking whether the winding of the steel wire rope on the drum is neat, whether the coupling is deformed, and whether the rope head is firm. If the parts are not sensitive, they should be adjusted in time.

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