2 Ton Small Hydraulic Winch YS2.0D

2 Ton Small Hydraulic Winch YS2.0D
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YS2.0D (two ton hydraulic winch)

The hydraulic winch is composed of hydraulic motor, brake, planetary reducer, reel, frame and other components. Users only need to be equipped with hydraulic pump station and directional valve to use. Since the hydraulic winch can bring its own valve group, it not only simplifies the hydraulic system and improves the working reliability of the transmission device. When equipped with a two-speed motor, the winch has two speeds adjustable, which improves the speed range.

Hydraulic winches are widely used in materials lifting or flat towing in marine engineering, construction, water conservancy engineering, forestry, mining, wharf, etc.

Working principle of hydraulic winch

The oil is used as the working medium, the movement is transmitted by the change of the sealing volume, and the power is transmitted by the pressure inside the oil.

1. Power part-convert the mechanical energy of the prime mover into the pressure energy (hydraulic energy) of oil, for example: hydraulic pump.

2. Execution part-convert the hydraulic pressure input by the hydraulic pump into mechanical energy that drives the working mechanism. For example: hydraulic cylinder, hydraulic motor.

3. Control part-used to control and adjust the pressure, flow and flow direction of oil, for example: pressure control valve, flow control valve and directional control valve.

4. Auxiliary part-connect the previous three parts together to form a system, which functions as oil storage, filtration, measurement and sealing. For example: pipelines and joints, fuel tanks, filters, accumulators, seals and control instruments.

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