Built-in 3 Ton Hydraulic Winch YS 3.0N

Built-in 3 Ton Hydraulic Winch YS 3.0N
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YS3.0N (3 ton hydraulic winch)

Hydraulic winch 5 tons model of marine hydraulic winch

In the use of hydraulic winches, maintenance is not lacking

The hydraulic winch has the characteristics of compact structure, small size, light weight, beautiful appearance, etc., and has the characteristics of good safety, high efficiency, large starting torque, good stability at low speed, low noise, and reliable operation.

The hydraulic winch is generally driven by the hydraulic pressure provided by the hydraulic pump station, and then drives the drum of the winch to lift or lower. However, the winch used for marine life-saving equipment needs to be able to lower the lifeboat without a power source. The existing technology is controlled by a mechanical winch, and in the event of a power loss, it is released by relying on mechanical friction resistance adjustment. Because of the wide application of hydraulic technology, a considerable part of life-saving equipment now needs to be driven by hydraulic pressure, which requires the hydraulic winch we choose to have a decentralized function without a power source. The hydraulic winch is mainly a winch with a large additional load. In general, a winch with a capacity from 10T to 5000T is planned as a hydraulic winch. 

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