220V Electric Winch

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Electric winch (winch, winch) is a general-purpose lifting equipment with safety, easy operation, reliability, durability, low noise, etc. 220V Electric Winch can be widely used in construction sites, factories, mines, ports and so on. It is the necessary equipment for lifting, horizon or ramp, and is widely used in ports, workshops, warehouses, buildings and various production lines.



The 220V Electric Winch can be used normally in the event of a deadly vehicle (this is the biggest advantage of other winches). Especially for large areas, there is a great advantage, easy to install and multi-position installation and rapid displacement.


It can't maintain long-term use (vehicle's own power system limitations, self-heating, etc.), most electric winches can provide less driving force, can only exert force in one direction (installed in front of the car can only move forward Pull, installed in the rear can only be pulled back).


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