Hydraulic Winch For Bulldozer

Hydraulic Winch For Bulldozer
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The Hydraulic Winch For Bulldozer is commonly used as a primary aid, such as mining winches, dispensing winches, boring winches and sinking winches. The function of the whole machine is that the product start, run, reversing and parking should be stable, reliable, no impact vibration and abnormal sound, and the hydraulic system has no leakage.


1. Clean the mechanical and electrical parts of the Hydraulic Winch For Bulldozer.

2. Always keep the transmission part lubricated. Fill and apply grease (calcium base grease) to the bearings and gears. The reducer is usually filled with No. 30 oil. If the oil leakage of the reducer is serious, it must be treated in time to keep the lubricating oil at the specified oil level.

3. Check if the brake is normal for each shift. Adjust the gap between the brake shoe and the brake wheel in time to keep the brake in good working condition.

4. Check the wire rope frequently. When a broken wire is found to be ≥10% within the interpupillary distance, or there is physical deformation such as severe rust, distortion, knotting, crushing, etc., the wire rope should be replaced in time. According to the surface condition of the wire rope, apply the wire rope oil in time