Hydraulic Winch For Excavator

Hydraulic Winch For Excavator
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This picture shows 3 hydraulic winch, two main hydraulic winches, one small hydraulic winch. They use the winch to pull logs in forest. This two main hydraulic winch is 5 ton hydraulic winch, speed is about 60 m/min. The small one is specially 2 ton hydraulic winch with five-star hydraulic motor, speed is about 30 m/min. More information about the winch , you can download from the home page.

This two winches is for pile engine , the winch is 4 ton winch, one is free fall hydraulic winch, the other one is normal 4 ton hydraulic winch. The winch video is home page video, you can watch it.

This one is our 3 ton hydraulic winch, also used for pulling logs, for this winch specs, you can download from the home page.