2 Ton Hydraulic Winch

2 Ton Hydraulic Winch
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This series 2 Ton Hydraulic Winch is mainly used for material lifting, moving heavy objects and cranes in building construction as the main lifting, lifting hoist for city derrick, gantry and lifting trolley. It is suitable for construction, mining area lifting and civil engineering construction of factories and installation of small equipment.


Wire rope layern1234Lifting pressure16 Mpa
Line pullkgf2000191018001710Max.pimp flow80L/min
Rope speed with 80L/minm/min41454953Motor displacement245cc/r
Rope capacitym20428391Ratio1:4.5
A is for liftingM22*1.5P is for controllingM10*1Rope diameter12mm
B is for fallingD is for lubricatingWeight98kg


1) Only the flow restrictor and manifold are located on the outside of the drum. Components such as the hydraulic motor and the housing drive are hidden in the winch drum, so the axial size is small, the structure is compact, and the appearance is beautiful;

2) Low starting efficiency and transmission efficiency, low energy consumption, reliability, and long service life;

3) 2 Ton Hydraulic Winch has low noise during operation;

4) It is economical and practical, reducing the consumption of money.