Hydraulic Anchor Winch

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Hydraulic Anchor Winch is an electric motor driven oil pump. It uses a high-pressure oil drive motor, and then drives the transmission gear through a reducer (or no gear reducer) to make the windlass run. Its structure is compact and the volume is small. Now there has been an automatic hydraulic anchor machine, which has a chain length sensor. When the anchor chain is thrown out during the anchoring, the windlass will stop automatically; when the anchor will approach the anchor chain when the anchor is anchored It can automatically decelerate; the anchor will automatically stop when it enters the anchor chain.


Drum diameter: 242 mm

drum length: 257 mm

Flange diameter: 373 mm

Hydraulic motor: 305 cc/r

Plantary gear speed ratio: 1:7


1) Hydraulic Anchor Winch has a large weight-to-weight ratio and achieves maximum grip with minimal anchor weight to improve mooring ability.

2) Its applicability is good, the mooring is quickly entered into the soil, and it is easy to detach from the sea floor when anchoring.

3) When sailing, it is easy to collect and store.

4) It should have sufficient strength, simple structure, easy manufacture and low cost.


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