Hydraulic Capstan Winch

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The Hydraulic Capstan Winch mounted on the vehicle is something that no real wheeler can skip. When you are trapped in a mountain or swamp area, the winch can save a lot of time and money. They can pull almost any stuck vehicle out of the dirt, sand and water. Hydraulic winches can be divided into four types according to their different methods: manual winch, electric winch, pneumatic winch and mechanical winch. They are widely used in light, medium and heavy duty applications such as construction equipment, mining, deck machinery, oil field drilling, and truck cranes.


1. Staff members should be certified by professional training and have sufficient knowledge of Hydraulic Capstan Winch.

2. Air work should be carried out before work to confirm that the brakes and the environment are in good condition to operate.

3. During the work, the person who operates it must not leave the post without authorization.

4. When using, it must be slowly lowered, not too fast and rushed to brake.