Hydraulic Recovery Winch

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Product Details

Brief introduction

Hydraulic Recovery Winch consists of a one-way balancing valve, a high-pressure shuttle port plate, control brake system, YMN, YHM hydraulic motor, Z brake, C gear reducer, reel, rack and other small components. It can be started by a user with a hydraulic station and a diverter valve.

Thanks to the valve block installed, the hydraulic system has been greatly simplified and the reliability of the actuator has been greatly improved. It successfully solves the jitter of the idle hook and the re-gliding during the ascent, making it smoothly step on and off. It is widely used in gravity crushing traction equipment, track and motor derricks, pipe players, grabs and crushing drilling equipment.

product parameter 

Eg: 5 ton.

Line pull : 5 ton

speed: 6.5 m/min

Rope diameter: 11 mm

Rope length: 30m

Weight about : 65 kg.

More specs, please check the download part, you can download from there.


1. Hydraulic Recovery Winch is small in size, light in weight, easy to move and easy to install;

2. The operation is simple and reliable, the noise is small, the efficiency is high, and the energy consumption is low;

3. It can be stable under flammable, explosive, humid, humid and other extremely harsh working conditions;

4. High starting torque ensures starting from the load, performing forward, reverse and stop actions; low maintenance rate can alleviate your anxiety.