Hydraulic Winch for Tractor

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Hydraulic tractor winch, it is also have two types. one is only for pulling, the other one is for hoisting and pulling. If your tractor is small bulldozer,we suggest you choose hydraulic hoist winch. If your tractor like the picture below, you can choose hydraulic tow winch, but this winch power is not strong enough

1 product introduction..

Consist of low speed high torque hydraulic motor, planetary gear reducer, mechanical clutch, brake, drum, balance valve, etc. Widely used in hoisting and towing equipment. I will introduce one of the winch as the example: 5 ton towing winch.


2 product parameter


Calibration force



Rated   load

Steel   wire NO.














Calibration work speed



Working pressure of winch



Hydraulic system work flow



Speed ratio



Rope capacity



Rope diameter



                        Net weight



3 product application


For the first picture, it is our hydraulic hoist winch, the second picture is hydraulic tow winch. If you don't know how to choose, you can contact me. We can give you advice.

4 winch component,(planetary reducer, brake, drum, etc.)


This componet is our 2 ton hydraulic hoist winch, there are many component, we just display some main component.

5 product qualification


For certificate, we have SGS, CE, ISO Inventory patent.

Delivery, shipping, service.


PRE-SALE SERVICE. We provide pre-sales in our first cooperation, make clear your situation and give you some advice, you can making invest budget ,manufacturing , planing, so that customers can make a reasonable plan with less cost.

Stage 1st: Let us be honest with each other and make clear the situation of each customer first ,then we can give the best advice . Stage 2nd: I will give the details to each customers for reference, including the dimension ,performance, quality and price level. Stage 3rd: we can compare the product one by one ,then confirm the reasonable products with the best price.

AFTER -SALE SERVICE. After-sale service are most important in each business, we will do the below things in each order:
Stage 1st;Tracking the shipment and inform the customer before the arrival date.
Stage 2nd:Tracking the quality during the use condition. warranty 1 year
Stage 3rd:We will charge all the questions if you buy from me ,because reputation is most important in exporting business



1 How can I get my winch to "free spool" (or power the cable out) with a load attached?

If you have retrieved a vehicle up an incline (or pulled your vehicle-with the winch attached to the front bumper-up an incline), the power out function of the cable may not work if there is still a "load force" on the wire cable. The winch is designed to pull vehicles. Many people use the winch as a "tie-down" after the "pulling" is done. We recommends that other "tie down" methods be used rather than the winch cable. If you are using your winch as a "tie down", then you must relieve cable tension for the wire cable to be "free spooled" or powered out. The brake action of the our winch is working properly, and not allowing the winch cable to be pulled from the spool. If you were pulling a vehicle on level ground (not up an incline), then once the "pulling action" stopped, the winch cable could be powered out; because there would be NO tension on the cable….. and the brake would not be engaged. It may be difficult to “un-weight” a vehicle on an incline…but it must be done to disengage the brake and allow the cable to be powered out. Think of a tightly stretched ratchet strap being used to "tie down" and object. The teeth of the ratchet act like the "brake" of the winch. You must "pull back" on the metal ratchet ears of the ratchet to disengage the ratchet teeth; so that the strap may be loosened. Same theory applies to a winch cable that is attached to load exerting force on the wire rope.

2 What type of winch do I need?

What type of winch you need depends on the application. Are you mudding on the weekend with friends? Are you an industrial wrecker? There are many things to consider when choosing the right winch.

3 What should I do about my vehicles wheels while winching?

Position blocks under your vehicles wheels while winching. 

4  How do I respool the wire rope?

Wear leather gloves while re-spooling wire winch rope. ATTENTION: DO NOT allow the wire rope to thread through your hand. Keep a slight load on the wire rope while re-spooling. Hold the wire rope with one gloved hand and the remote control in the other.

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