Trailer Hydraulic Winch

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Product Details

For hydraulic winch ,we have SGS certification, ISO certification, CE certification. For excavator, we have CE certification. If you need any certification, please tell us , our product can be successed test by any goverment.

1 product introduction

The trailer hydraulic winch is with tough pulling capacity, perfect for off road 4x4 jeep , truck, wrecker car, etc..

This hydraulic winch is equipped with sealed motor, tough gears, and reliable brake system.

This winch is quiet, smooth, and drum keeps cool, perfect for synthetic rope. It's made at high quality standard & technical craft.  And this winch is only for pulling, the angel cannot more than 25 degree.We have two type hydraulic winches, one type is for lifting and pulling, the other one is just for towing. A towing winch is designed for pulling (moving rolling weight) NOT lifting and supporting "dead weight". The braking system incorporated in a winch is not designed to work effectively on pulling angles greater than 45 degrees. So before order the winch, please tell me which way you use the winch.

2 product parameter

Model: YS12.0

Drum diameter: φ420mm

Roller length: 350mm

Maximum lifting weight: 12000KG

Rope capacity: 50m

Wire rope diameter: φ20mm

Rope speed: 15 m/min

Hydraulic motor Max. pressure: 25MPa

Rope layers: 4

Configure automatic rope rower

Equipped with balance valve and safety valve

With multi-disc brake

Planetary reducer gear at all levels of modulus: ≧ 4  

Environmental Conditions:

Adapt to ambient temperature: 0 ℃ ~ 55 ℃

Adapt to the working environment: to adapt to the desert sand work environment

Adapt to work altitude: 0-1000m

Related Accessories Configuration:

Hydraulic winch wire rope, 50 meters, hanging a ring for theThimble Eye, 4 sets

Requirements of Standards and Specifications:

Factory certificate

ISO certificate

CE certificate

Appearance and Color

Appearance and color requirements: as the customer demand

winch body has the relevant SWL and warning signs

anti-corrosion treatment: the overall sandblasting, cleanliness SA2.5 level, after spraying the primer and finish. Paint grades: Epoxy zinc-rich primer, polyurethane finish. Paint requirements: Epoxy zinc-rich primer twice, the primer thickness of about 30-50 microns; topcoat polyurethane topcoat twice, the thickness of about 20-40 microns.

Documental Material

Requirements in Chinese and English, in 2 copies

The operating instructions in Chinese and English are provided. The operating instructions include maintenance procedures, troubleshooting and parts lists. Each winch is provided with 2 copies of paper version.

Certificates and Reports:

Requirements in Chinese and English, in 2 copies

Provide hydraulic winch certificate, inspection certificate, the force (external) load parts inspection report each two

Installation and Debugging

Provide the debug outline and online technical support

3 product application

 image003(001).jpg image007(001).jpg

Widely used in vehicle recovery ,such as 4x4 off road, jeep, truck,ATV, SUV, etc.Can also be used in Mining machinery, Engineering machinery, Agricultural machinery, Petroleum mining machinery, Lifting transportation machinery and Ship deck machinery, Garden environmental protection equipment,Geological drilling equipment and other fields. Remainder: this winch only can pull, do not use it for hoisting. And when you pull by this winch, the angle cannot more than 25 degree.


4 Delivery,shipping,service.


Before delivery , we pakage the product by plywood case, then transfer by truck to the port, you can choose the shippment by sea or by air. For large size product,we suggest you choose the shippment by sea, it will save the money. For small size ,you can choose by air, it will save the time. And the money is not too much.



1 What type of winch do I need?

What type of winch you need depends on the application. Are you mudding on the weekend with friends? Are you an industrial wrecker? There are many things to consider when choosing the right winch.

2  What should I do about my vehicles wheels while winching?

Position blocks under your vehicles wheels while winching.

3  How do I respool the wire rope?

Wear leather gloves while re-spooling wire winch rope. ATTENTION: DO NOT allow the wire rope to thread through your hand. Keep a slight load on the wire rope while re-spooling. Hold the wire rope with one gloved hand and the remote control in the other.

4  What maintenance is required?

A little preventative maintenance will ensure a long winch life. You should regularly lubricate all grease points, inspect all bolts, all electrical connections (even at the battery) and cable. Check to ensure there is no worn coatings or corrosion on electrical connections, and that all connections are tight. Check for wear, flat spots and broken strands on your wire rope. Damaged or worn cable should be replaced.

6 Latest news.

boom season is arriving, now we don't have too much product in stock, before you order the winch, please reserve the time for the produce.