Wire Rope Winch

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Product Details

Title: wire rope winch

Product Description

Windlass/winch  is a kind of strong comprehensive using in lifting machinery. It can lift heavy weight in the Construction Site and Port pier, also it can as the Tractive power in installing of the factories and mines. It is not only can single use, but also can combined with other large-scale and complex machine. Due to the best feature of the device is simple operation, convenience and broad-spectrum, It has been a necessary machine in the Construction Site and Port pier

Product power

There are two type power: hydraulic and electric. And the pulling or lifting capacity is from 1 ton to 50 ton. You can choose hydraulic or electric winch to use.

Product application


Structural features:

YS series hydraulic winch consists of the orbital motor, planetary gear reducer, brake and other components. Using threaded connection steel frame structure, equipped with shuttle valve, balance valve and other safe control system. The structure is compact, small footprint, it applies to ships, docks and other lifting cars and traction equipment.

Factory photo

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