YS1.0s 1 Ton Hydraulic Winch for Crane

YS1.0s 1 Ton Hydraulic Winch for Crane
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YS1.0s 1 Ton Hydraulic Winch for Crane consists of a planetary gearbox, hydraulic motor, wet brake, valve block, roller, frame and hydraulic control clutch. If equipped with a variable displacement hydraulic motor, the winch can reach two speeds. When equipped with a hydraulic axial piston motor, the working pressure and power can be greatly increased. The final stage of the series is equipped with a hydraulic clutch to achieve a free fall function when the hook is empty, which increases work efficiency.


Type                                          YS1.0-S
Rated loadWire rope layer
1            234
LoadKN11           109.59
Calibration work speedm/min0-30Rope capacitym50
Hydraulic system working pressureMpa16Rope diametermm8
Hydraulic system working flowL/min50Hydraulic motorcc/rBMR125
Reduction ratioi6Weightkg55


When the table is in motion, the resistance to be overcome is different due to different working conditions. Different resistances are overcome by the pressure energy of the hydraulic pump output oil, and the pressure of the system can be adjusted by the relief valve 5. When the oil pressure in the system rises to a point higher than the set pressure of the relief valve, the steel ball on the overflow valve is opened and the oil is drained back to the tank through the overflow valve. At this time, the oil pressure is no longer raised and the value is maintained.

In order to keep the oil clean, YS1.0s 1 Ton Hydraulic Winch for Crane is equipped with a filter to remove dirt and impurities from the oil to make the system work properly.