Manual Clutch Free Pull Drum 3 Ton Hydraulic Winch YS 3.0Z

Manual Clutch Free Pull Drum 3 Ton Hydraulic Winch YS 3.0Z
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YS3.0Z (3 ton hydraulic winch with manual clutch)

Advantages of hydraulic winch:

1. Stable transmission Hydraulic winches in hydraulic transmission equipment, because the amount of oil deflation is very small, under normal pressure can be considered not to deflate, relying on the continuous movement of oil for transmission. The oil has the ability to absorb vibration, and hydraulic buffer equipment can also be installed in the oil circuit, so unlike mechanical organization, processing and assembly errors will cause vibration buckle impact, which makes the transmission very stable and facilitates frequent commutation. Compared with mechanical, electric and other transmission methods, the hydraulic drive with light weight and small size can reduce the volume and mass a lot under the condition of outputting the same power, so the inertia is small and the action is sensitive; this is less for hydraulic profiling, hydraulic automatic control and requirements Quality machines are particularly important. For example, the 1m3 machine produced in China after using hydraulic transmission, the quality is reduced by 1t than when using mechanical transmission. Large load-bearing capacity, large hydraulic transmission is easy to obtain a lot of force and torque, so it is widely used in limiters, tunnel boring machines, 10,000-ton ship steering machines, and 10,000-ton hydraulic machines. Easy to complete stepless speed regulation In hydraulic transmission, adjusting the flow of liquid can complete the stepless speed, and the speed of the scale is large, up to 2000: 1, it is easy to obtain extremely low speed

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