Smaller 3 Ton Hydraulic Winch YS3.3

Smaller 3 Ton Hydraulic Winch YS3.3
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YS3.3 (3 ton hydraulic winch)

Figure 4-8 Structure of RW300 winch

A cam wedge 17 is installed between the inner wheel 18 and the outer sleeve 15, and the three constitute a one-way clutch. The outer circumference of the left end of the outer sleeve is processed into a tooth groove to mesh with the internal teeth of the friction plate 21. The external teeth of the friction plate mesh with the internal teeth of the hydraulic motor base 13. When the hoist is not in operation, the piston 14 presses the friction plate through the spring 14 so that the outer sleeve cannot rotate. Form a hydraulic winch with dual braking systems.

(2) Working principle: The hydraulic system of RW300 hydraulic winch is shown in Figure 4-9. Figure 4-10 is the structure diagram of the double brake system of the winch.

Figure 4-9 Brake hydraulic system diagram

Double brake system structure diagram

The characteristic of this winch is that a clutch with a cam wedge friction rolling element is installed between the input shaft and the multi-plate friction clutch, so that the winch can be lifted without releasing the friction clutch.

Figure 4-10 shows the structural diagram of the dual brake system, in which the cam wedge type directional clutch is composed of the inner wheel 5, the outer sleeve 2 and the cam wedge 3 and so on. The inner hole of the inner wheel is a spline shaft hole matched with the hydraulic motor shaft, and the outer surface of the outer sleeve is processed into a groove, which is matched with a set of friction plates with convex teeth.

Working principle: When the spindle rotates counterclockwise to increase the external load, as shown in Figure 4-11, the cam wedge is driven by the friction torque and rolls to the part with a wide gap. At this time, the directional clutch is in the disengaged state, and the multi-plate friction clutch is in the spring thrust The action compression is not working when it is engaged. The main shaft drives the reel through the planetary gear train for lifting work. Not affected by cam wedge clutch.

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